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Multipurpose Desktop Engraving Machine, MAGIC™-E7

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Hello! We are Redt Inc.

We are excited to introduce to you our newest product added to our MAGIC™ Series collection – MAGIC™-E7!

Meet MAGIC™-E7, a state-of-the-art jewelry engraving machine, equipped with the most advanced and latest features to produce precise, high-quality, lasting, permanent and polished engraving, cutting and marking results on your jewelry!

MAGIC™-E7 is a versatile jewelry engraver, designed to cut and engrave on any flat and round materials like pendants, rings, bracelets, and pens. It is specially built with all-in-one function to enable safe, fast and easy cutting and engraving operations on various jewelry products.

MAGIC™-E7 is a third-generation multipurpose engraving machine developed from the first-generation engraving machine, MAGIC™-70, following the latest and newest CNC technology.

Every single detail—from structure to design, functions to features!

Our engineers at Redt., have dedicated their time and carried out extensive planning and researching to redesign, upgrade and develop the most advanced jewelry engraving machine in the market—MAGIC™-E7!

From MAGIC™-70 to MAGIC™-E7, our newly-developed jewelry engraving machine guarantees to provide you with the most advanced and innovative features, high-quality, accurate and precise engraving on any jewelry products, and the safest, fastest and easiest engraving operation.

So, what’s exciting about MAGIC™-E7?

· Modern Design

The machine is built small and light for easy installation. Its design follows the present-day style: modern yet minimal.

· Built-in Camera

The machine’s built-in camera allows actual viewing of the work area directly from the software program which also allows users to easily control the engraving position.

· Latest Motor Control System

The machine’s motor control system controls the machine with a resolution that is two times higher than that of its previous model, enabling high-speed, high-quality, precise and accurate engraving and marking results.

· Tools and Clamps

The machine is equipped with high-quality, lasting and durable tools and expandable clamps that can be transformed into four types that enable fast engraving operation and result on materials with different shapes and sizes.

· Bluetooth Connection

The machine enables Bluetooth pairing to any tablet PCs for easy operation of the machine via tablet.

· MagicEngrave Program

The machine comes with a software that allows users to create their own designs with ease or make designs based on their customer’s preferences.

To learn more about MAGIC™-E7, click links below to watch videos!

● Watch Pendant Engraving

● Watch Ring Engraving

● Bangle Engraving

● Fingerprint Engraving

● Photo Engraving

● Watch Wax Cutting

● Watch Silver Cutting

● Watch Brass Cutting

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