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Engraving Pet Tags for Dogs and Cats with MAGIC-S3

Updated: Mar 21

A pet ID tag is an absolute necessity for your cat or dog.

It provides instant identification for your pet that makes it easy for the person who finds them to contact you and get them home safely.

With MAGIC-S3, immediate information about the pet owners and their pets can be engraved on their tag with ease and in no time!

MAGIC-S3 is capable of engraving all important information such as the pet’s name, pet owner’s name, home address, phone number and many more!

What is MAGIC-S3?

MAGIC-S3 is a multifunctional scribing engraving machine, designed to produce high-quality engravings or markings on a variety of products like pet ID tags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetic/perfume cases, and industrial name plates and parts.

Can any information be engraved on pet tags with MAGIC-S3?


MAGIC-S3 is the perfect engraver for pet tag engraving!

Here are some simple steps you can follow:

First, turn on the MAGIC-S3 machine.

Then, secure your pet ID tag to the medal clamp.

Next, go to the MAGIC-Engrave program and enter all the necessary information about your pet.

Last, create a Toolpath, set the engraving options then click the [Start Engraving] button.

(The engraving process begins)

(Engraving process completed)

Here is the end result!

Check out these other tags!

You can also choose different shapes for your pet’s tag!

How do you like the end result?

MAGIC-S3, the perfect engraving machine for pet ID tag engraving!

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