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Magic-E4 Wood Calligraphy Engraving

Updated: Mar 21

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Today’s blog is about calligraphy engraving on wood.

We’re going to show you how to engrave calligraphy fonts on wood

with our MAGIC-E4.

What is MAGIC-E4?

MAGIC-E4 is a multipurpose engraving machine designed to cut and engrave on wood, gold, silver, brass and plastic. It is built light and small for easy installation and has automatic features for easy and safe use for anyone.

So how to engrave calligraphy with MAGIC-E4?

First, prepare the engraving tools.

For wood engraving, two tools are used: a roughing tool and a finishing tool.

Engraving Tools

They look a bit similar, right?

To distinguish the difference between the two, check the blades.

Can you see the difference between the two blades?

The picture on the left is a roughing tool (end mill). It is used for removing substantial amounts of excess material from the workpiece. It involves a roughing process where the material is roughly shaped, or the design is roughly engraved into the material during the process.

The picture on the right is a finishing tool (V-cutter). It is used for refining the surface of the material after the roughing process. It involves a finishing process where the tool creates smooth, precise and enhanced engraving results.

Roughing Tool Installation

Next, install the roughing tool.

Use the cutting nose tool to unscrew the roughing tool.

Take note that a roughing tool should be used when processing materials with a wide surface.

Medal Clamp 

Then, secure the material to the clamp.

Make sure that your material is firmly attached to the clamp.

Use the clamping knob to tighten the clamp.

Toolpath Creation

Next, go to MAGIC-Engrave program and create your design.

Create a Toolpath and send the engraving data to the machine once done.

Engraving Area

Last, set the target engraving area.

Use the laser pointer as a guide and make adjustments, if necessary, then press the start button.

The machine then automatically measures the height of the material and proceeds to the engraving process.

Roughing Process

The first stage of the engraving process is called the roughing process.

Here, the tool engraves the design into the material.

Chip Collector Vacuuming Process Before and After

During the roughing process, the machine produces wood chips and dust.

Use our Chip Collector (CP-261) to keep your working area clean and safe.

Chip Collector (CP-261)

What is CP-261?

CP-261 is a high-performing vacuuming device that effectively sucks in wood chips and dust generated during the engraving process.

It has a powerful vacuuming system that effectively sucks in debris which helps prevent our users from getting exposed to wood dust and getting any cuts or injuries from wood chips.

Finishing Tool Installation

The machine automatically stops when the roughing process is complete and notifies the user to replace the current tool with a finishing tool.

Carefully remove the roughing tool and install the finishing tool.

Then, press and hold the start button to resume the engraving process.

The machine automatically detects the new tool and proceeds to measure the height of the material.

When the measurement is complete, the machine resumes the engraving process.

Finishing Process

The second stage of the engraving process is called the finishing process.

Here, the tool refines the engraved surface to create precise and enhanced engravings on the material.

Does MAGIC-E4 perform deep marking?

Yes! MAGIC-E4 can engrave up to a depth of 1 cm.

Take note that the engraving depth depends on the length of the engraving tool.

Long tools with certain length can be used to create deeper engravings.

And here is our final product!

A beautifully engraved wood calligraphy with a clean, precise and smooth finish.

How do you like the end result?

Are you interested in purchasing our MAGIC-E4?

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