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Metal Acrylic Engraving with Magic-E7

Metal acrylic engraving is one of the best features of MAGIC-E7.

Aside from cutting and engraving on various materials, Magic-E7 also efficiently engraves on metal acrylics.

In this blog, we will show you how to engrave text designs on metal acrylics with our MAGIC-E7.

Below are the sample testing specifics:

So how to engrave metal acrylic with MAGIC-E7?

Here are simple steps that you can follow:

First, measure your material.

Here, 70x20 metal acrylic is used as a sample.

Go to the work area of the MAGIC-Engrave program and start creating your own design.

Second, select your Toolpath.

Here, two text objects are created: (1) CHEALSEA FOOTBALL CLUB and, (2) COACH TOMAHS TUCHEL.

For each text object, a toolpath is created. Scanline toolpath for (1) and Single line toolpath for (2).

You may be wondering why two different toolpaths are created for each text (?)

Well, if the text weight is either thick or thin, depending on the angle of the (tool) blade, the toolpath created becomes limited.

In other words, if your text is thick, select Scanline toolpath.

If your text is thin, the program auto selects Single line toolpath (as shown below).

Third, start engraving.

Since there are two toolpaths created, in the NC Output window, select the toolpath order (if which toolpath is engraved first then second).

Specify how the material is measured then click [Start Engraving] button.

Here, Surface Slope is selected.

Lastly, check the engraving area.

When the laser pointer appears, check whether the laser points to the engraving area where engraving takes place or not.

If the position is correct, start engraving.

And voila! There you go!

Your design perfectly engraved on a metal acrylic in no time!

Isn’t it neat and polished?

Isn’t it simple and quick?

How do you like the end result?

MAGIC-E7, the perfect engraving machine for all your engraving needs!

Take note: We tested several Toolpaths first to determine the appropriate toolpaths to use for the given sample to achieve a better end result. Please refer to the picture below.

The following are the Toolpaths tested:

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